Our Mission Statement

Our planet is in crisis and the indigenous peoples have much to contribute during this time of renewal and return to the One-Hearted Way.

We are dedicated to the mending of the Sacred Hoop, to healing planetary discord. Our task is to foster and propagate the teachings of the Elders and to provide a sanctuary for people of all races, nations, and religions to learn and to heal, for all tribes to be kind again.

As caretakers of a special mountain in western Virginia, a land where the presence of the Elementals can be felt, we offer an oasis of peace.  We offer this safe harbor for various activities, including:

  • Spiritual Dances, Sweat Lodges, Vision Quests, Ceremonies
  • Peaceful Retreats for all Organizations / Groups
  • Healing and Educational Workshops
  • Drumming, Songs, Art and Movement Activities
  • Dream Circles

Let us remember how to be instruments of service.