Workshops & Readings

For further information, please see Calendar of Events or visit our contact page.

Ceremonial Dances, Vision Quests

LaKota OneHeart leads Ceremonial Spiritual and facilitates Vision Quests. A Peace Dance takes place in Carrsville, Virginia in March. An Earth-Sun-Moon Dance (June) and a Dance of the Heart (October) take place in Abingdon, Virginia on her sacred land. She holds 2, 3 and 4 day Vision Quests in May and November her land too. Please see the Calendar of Events for further information.

Sweat Lodges and Medicine Wheels

There are 2 kinds of Sweat Lodges led by LaKota OneHeart – Family or Children’s Lodges and Adult/Medicine Sweats. She also has a traveling Medicine Wheel and a permanent stone Medicine Wheel on her land. Please see the Calendar of Events for further information.

Workshops and Dream Circles

LaKota holds healing workshops to include Womb Workshops as well as informational workshops ranging from Dream Catcher Making, Wild Herb Collecting to Aura Reading. There are several Dream Interpretation Circles (Turtle Island Dreamers) in Virginia and other states.

Peaceful Retreats and Activity Workshops

LaKota can currently host small groups or organizations for retreats or camps. Once the
intended new infrastructure is in-place, she will hold retreats and activities for larger groups.

In-Person and Phone Readings

One of LaKota’s gifts is as a spiritual advisor or reader for individuals. She currently gives in-person readings in Abingdon, Virginia Beach, and Carrsville, Va., and can give readings elsewhere, if hosted. She also does phone readings for anyone who wishes to have personal counselling or reading. Simply send an email and we will contact you to set up a time.

Weddings and Land/Office/Home Blessings

LaKota OneHeart is a Reverend in The Order of Melchizedek. She is sanctioned to perform weddings. LaKota also does blessings for your office, home or land. Simply send an email with your request and we will set up a time.