As Mother Earth comes into a state of cosmic harmony, poverty will eventually be overcome.  Money is a physical expression of our consciousness and our relationship with money relates to our relationship to fear or abundance.  Money itself will eventually come to an end and when this finally occurs, it will be a wonderful symbol of true freedom for our planet.

That being said, we ain’t quite there yet and your free-will donation is gratefully accepted to help manifest LaKota OneHeart’s vision for the Mountain.

Blue Buffalo Springs includes, but is not limited to, the following structures and equipment needs, in no particular order:


  • A Tractor to handle hay loads, post-digging, etc.
  • 2 chain saws
  • Various saws, tools for building
  • A Croc ATV for bringing people and goods up to the Dance site and for patrolling the fence line and land
  • A back-hoe or back-hoe rental to maintain roads and to dig for needed projects
  • A dump truck or dump-truck rental for stone-laying on the road


  • Steps and rails up to the Dance site
  • Fixing the cabin for the land manager
  • A new roof on the OneHeart Cafe deck
  • A roof for the Drum Arbor


  • Several Cabins for Renters
  • An extension to the OneHeart Cafe
  • A large composting bathroom and shower facility
  • Sturdy fencing around and within the property
  • Sheds to store tools and equipment
  • A water storage facility
  • A Community Long-house for meetings that includes a kitchen and some sleeping space
  • A Community Bathroom/Shower room
  • An expansion of the BBS Bistro deck by the Dance Site
  • A Permanent Road to and around the site
  • An enhanced Peace Chamber for Chanting
  • A year-round home for the keeper of the land
  • A Large Medicine Wheel
  • A Barn for horses and cattle
  • A set of Healing Rooms
  • An enhanced Dance Arbor for Ceremonial Dances
  • A Gazebo and Path up the mountainside