Peace Lodge/Family Lodge
with Earth Medicine Teachings

By LaKota OneHeart “Buffalo Woman Comes Running”

The teachings begin at 9 AM

A Prayer Lodge will follow the Teaching, and a pot-luck meal will follow the Lodge.

We welcome families who are growing and learning together!  However, if you wish to bring your children or teens to the Peace Lodge Family Gathering, please contact the Lodge Leader for information, guidelines, and advance permission.  Children/teens under 18 may participate in the lodge (with a parent present) for the first and last rounds.  Other rounds possible with permission of the lodge leader.  An adult must be present for children and he/she must go out with the child if the child leaves the lodge. You must be responsible for your own child(ren). Please remember that it is not appropriate to bring children under 18 to the Earth Mother Gathering  unless they are there to participate in the lodge and you have permission and guidelines ahead of time.

Items to bring:

  • Clothing for the sweat (women traditionally wear long skirts with modest tops such as t-shirts, men can wear sarongs or shorts)
  • Change of clothes for afterwards
  • Plastic bag for wet clothing
  • Towel
  • Blanket or coat to wrap up in after Lodge (if it is cool)
  • A pot luck dish to share for the feast afterwards
  • Any items you wish to place on the altar to be blessed during the Lodge
  • A gallon of spring or distilled water

Any gifts you wish to bring to the Lodge leader such as tobacco or sage (optional, your choice).

At Wellspring, in Carrsville, VA, contact: 757-287-1056 or