Tree Of Life Letter

LaKota OneHeart


Abingdon, Virginia

20th November 2018

I offer this for the families, friends, and Jewish community in Pittsburgh and for the members of the Tree of Life Synagogue.

In the wake of the carnage and horrific slaughter of Jews during their Sabbath in Pittsburgh during a very precious naming of a baby in your community, from my mountain in western Virginia, I offer my heartfelt condolences and those of the Turtle Island Dreamers! 

I wish for your house of worship to be a wakeup call for ALL Americans to recognize the folly of taking sides in our over-heated political atmosphere!  We need to recognize that your Nation is the canary for the world’s attitude of taking anything to an extreme!

We as Americans cannot tolerate this! And will not! This is not our country’s destiny nor the American way!

We have lost our centering. We have forgotten our civility, our tolerance, and our love of active, but reasoned, debate. Acts of violence and extreme rage emanate from our egos. We have become infected with the egoistic attitude of “my side”, “my viewpoint”, “my life” – “mine, mine, mine” – worse than those seagulls in Finding Nemo!

We are mindless in this tangent, considering only our own side, where there is NO side in LOVE! This self-validating ego mechanism has gone unchecked for so long that it has acquired an energy of its own, blaming or destroying anything in its destructive path! Spiritually speaking, it’s not even real!  We need a reality check!

  1. Observe the truth around you!
  2. Turn off the media hype and think for yourself!
  3. Don’t get caught in the paradigm of “he said, she said”!
  4. Go back to the real source of Truth:
    • God’s love for us All!
    • God’s Truth is not divided!
    • God’s love is not divided!

And if it is divided, it’s not of God. It’s EGO!  So stay in your own personal power knowing that love joins together. It never divides. Observing this is the path to Peace!

There is a template on Turtle Island (North America) that is the spiritual foundation of this continent: the sacred Peace Pipe, the Medicine Wheel, and the Wampum Belt. All of these symbols constitute a message of Peace, Tolerance, and Justice for all.  With the arrival of all the new cultures, creeds, and races that make up our country today, there is the potential to merge into a cosmic tolerance and understanding of our very humanity! We Lakota say: Mitakuye Oyasin – “we are all related” which helps us to recognize that there is only One Race, the race of our humanity. And One Language: that of Love. And One Way – to serve God by serving humanity. This is the edict of God, and was taught to me during my Spiritual Sun-Moon Dance from White Buffalo Calf Woman!

But, how do we come to address this pain and carnage of misunderstandings, the insanity? Mental illness? The crazy of the crazies? What has happened in the last three weeks in our beloved country is our wakeup call!  Not to take sides, not shame and blame. To come to a better understanding of the workings of the great divide – ego!

Let us drop the pendulum into the middle ground and work on ways to address these issues in our society. Together! If we do this, we can bridge the roiling waters of our destruction and discordance to begin on the road to healing. We so need this, we do.

The Jewish People have much to teach our world. They’ve survived many, many challenges and holocausts throughout history – the Egyptian bondage, the Assyrian and Babylonian empires, the Greek onslaught, the Roman conquest and resultant diaspora, to the European pogroms and Nazi extermination, and now the neo-Nazi threat. Wow!  They have survived with their holy language intact. With their teachings intact. And with their values intact. They are the very epitome of survival and heritage, not hate.

Maybe we should look at their wisdom to survive in this chaotic world. We begin with the One God above us all. No matter what our beliefs, our religious denomination, the foundation is Love. We all come from that. Here in America we have the foundation for Peace. It’s in the core of all the faiths here, the Mecca, if you will, for the salvation of our world.

We have an internal dialogue evidenced by our very own breath. Our blue blood is changed to the color red by the introduction of invisible (white) oxygen.  Then maybe we need to look within to understand the significance of the red, white, and blue colors of our flag.  Our joined prayers are not to go into rampages and be anti-Semitic, anti-Black, anti-White, anti-Red, anti-Yellow, but to understand the message of our very own beating hearts!  Love without conditions, barters, or expectations. It’s the way for the evolution of our immortal souls. So, let us begin this Revolution to our Evolution.

Peace – Shalom!

Rev. LaKota OneHeart

November 2018