Vision Of The Land

LaKota OneHeart’s Vision
And History Of The Land, Part I

During the Sun Dance of 1995, I had a vision where I saw a beautiful piece of mountain land.    Its shape against the horizon was a little bump, then straight across to a bigger bump.  In the vision, I walked from the sweat lodge to my house to get a plate of food for the feast after the lodge.  When I looked out from the house, I was next to a peace chamber, with a pond just below.  At one point, I walked to the top of the mountain and saw a spiritual dance site.

This vision stayed with me for years, until I reached a crossroads in my life.  My husband suddenly left me in the summer of 1999, with no warning or goodbye.  This brought many huge mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges, including a difficult struggle to survive financially on my small farm in southeastern Virginia.

Later that year, I went with my friend, Charlie, to visit his family in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.   I insisted we stop when we saw a handmade plywood sign that stated “Farm For Sale”.

I felt so strongly that this was my mountain home that I immediately wrote this elderly couple a check for all the money I had in my account….even though it was the money I was supposed to pay my mortgage with that month!  The couple took us to the top of the mountain where 70 acres of land was situated, even though there was no driveway or road, just a rocky path where the water ran off every spring.  When I saw the land’s horizon against the sky, and the Buffalo stones and the God’s Eye stone and the Stone of the Heart laid out exactly as my vision, I knew this was the place.  This land had been in the same family for 250 years, and the original owners were named “Charlie” and “Ma” (Charlie’s Indian wife, most likely Cherokee).  This family honored our verbal contract, and were willing to accept payments from me after the down payment on the land was made.

I had no money to pay for this land, but knew I had to honor this vision.  So I immediately went home, sold my little farm, and moved to the mountain to live in a tent.  Eventually someone gave me a camping trailer, but the winter was still snowy and below freezing temperatures.  By the next winter, I had built a 10 x10 building and put in a wood stove, and built an outhouse.  With good water from the springs that were on the land, wild plants to gather for food and medicines, and my Newfoundland dogs for protection, I created a life on this amazing mountain, and named it Blue Buffalo Mountain Retreat Farm.  The Turtle Island Dreamers, as well as our spiritual group of friends, came and celebrated our first prayer lodges, silent retreats, and spiritual dances.   These were physically challenging (as our Dance site was primitive and barely accessible), but everyone was blessed by the mountain and its gifts, and great growth and healing occurred.

Over the years, we have continued our healing ceremonies and work for Peace.  We have a developed a strong, dedicated and loving community which supports our work at Blue Buffalo Springs.  Our group has recently started a non-profit organization in order to support this mission of healing and peace, and continue keeping this land open for all.  There is still (by design) no electricity.  We have to unplug to get re-plugged back into God and Nature.  We have good water from our springs, but still no running water.  The only lodging available to guests is a few one room cabins and camping on our rocky soil.

I have added a few small rooms to my original cabin, and still heat my home with a wood stove.   And I continue to raise Dexter cattle, horses and Newfoundlands (dogs), and gather wild plants from the land and grow a garden for much of my food.  I look forward to the next stage of growth and life as the next generation becomes involved in taking care of this land for the future.”